Ekaterina Arkadyevna Trubitsina

Ekaterina Trubitsina

I was born in Sochi (Russia). My parents are photographers. According to education, I am a music composer and an art critic.

Over ten years of my life, I dedicated to the theater as a playwright and music composer. For a while, I even had my own theater – a puppet theater, where I also worked as an artist and a voice actress. The photos of my puppet theater you may see on my Facebook page.

Throughout my entire adult life, I have been working as a journalist for various periodicals. In 2008, I began publishing the magazine Edem Kavkaza (Eden of Caucasia), dedicated to the history and culture of Sochi. By 2009, I transformed the magazine into a website. Please, see edemkavkaza.ru. It’s in Russian, but there are some articles in English, for examples this one.

In 2006, I started writing the fairy tale with elements of reality for adults, called
Az Thita Izhitsa.

Why a fairy tale? And why with elements of reality?

In my childhood, I started practicing some special techniques, without any idea what I was doing. When in the course of time I came across the books of Carlos Castaneda, I found there a lot of things that resembled what I did and knew. So, I called my activity esotericism, but no longer I use that term.

All the spheres of the human knowledge (from scientific to religious, mystic, occult, esoteric, etc.) concern the cognition of the outer world. My sphere of interest is the inner world.

Though the works by Carlos Castaneda deal with the outer world too, I regard him as my Teacher. Precisely his books made me treat seriously what I was doing and start research in this field.

The works by Carlos Castaneda also influenced my choice of genre: the fairy tale with elements of reality, wherein the main part of what a reader considers as a reality is a fruit of imagination, while the main part of what looks to a reader like a fruit imagination is my real experience.

It upsets me when instead of using the marvelous techniques, Carlos Castaneda described in his books, many readers get interested only in one thing, “Was Don Juan a real person or did Castaneda invent him?”

To avoid such an issue, I decided to use only invented characters and events of the outer world. The characters even don’t have prototypes! I openly declare it.

The effect of this move turned out to be utterly unexpected. Readers, who don’t know me in person, consider my works autobiographical exactly in the sphere of the events of the outer world. But this is not the most terrible thing.

My friends, who know perfectly well the events of my outer life, after reading my books, invented a new biography for me. In addition, they see themselves and each other as prototypes, but so that some characters have a lot of those who would like to be their prototypes, while the other ones have the same amount of those who are seen as their prototypes.

To tell the truth, now, it becomes clear that there is a certain element of the autobiography in my books, but… this is the autobiography conversely. Some invented events of the outer world really happened, however, not before, but after I had described them. And it continues to go this way.