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The author is very grateful
to all artists, photographers and musicians,
who are participating in the project Az Thita Izhitsa.

Our MOOD creates the life that we live.
The works of art are capable to create the MOOD
and by means of this to make our life exactly such, which we WANT to live.

Al Johnson – USA
the artist
His works make to sound special strings in the depths of the inner world, filling with peace and confidence. This is such condition of soul calmness and balance, which gives birth to the bright, accurate, intensive and effective outside activity, attracting good luck and success to all spheres of the life.

Alfio Zarbano – Italy
the artist
His creativity is a sphere of passions, an emotional peak, where everything, what was in the past, become destroyed. Any destroying on a highest point of emotional peak is a joy of deliverance, but not a sadness of loss. This is a taste of free will, which transforms any circumstances into exciting adventures.

Aly Kamal – Egypt
the artist
His works create on a very deep level the awareness of how sensations become thoughts and how thoughts transform into sensations, but now, this is sensations of absolutely another kind, absolutely another quality that gives nonverbal comprehension of the structure of the Existence and an intuitive ability to maneuver in its flows.

Andrey Guryanov – Russia
the photographer
In the multimedia-book, there is just one photo taken by him. However, his participation in the project does not limited by this. The author expresses her deep appreciation for the assistance and support throughout the whole work on multimedia-book.

Arlette Gagnon – Canada
the artist
Her works extract on the surface of the consciousness the memories about what never happened in the earthly life, perceiving by means of the five senses, but what was and is beyond these limits. It is invisible and inaudible and not perceptible any other way, but exactly this predetermines all outside events, ruling over thoughts and acts.

Arturo Pacheco Lugo – Mexico
the artist
The special power of spirit fills his works. This is such power, which is able to act despite anything, leading to the goal through anything regardless of obstacles. This is the power of pungent joy of the Existence. This is the power of rapture and delight in front of all its manifestations. This is the power, which is able to transform any mistakes into extraordinary solutions.

Ashley Létan – France
the artist
His creativity is a subtle sophistication, a sharpened sensibility and sensitivity to the verge of vulnerability and at the same time this is an ability to use this subtle and exquisite vulnerability as a powerful energy that is able to defeat anything, to protect from anything.

Aydan Uğur Ünal – Turkey
the artist
She is a creator of visual embodiment of swirling emotions. Those are very strong, but at the same time very subtle emotions. It's very difficult to find a name for them in any human languages. But this is precisely those emotions, which, interlacing with each other, fill love, happiness, joy, inspiration with unique tinges.

Bambang Widarsono – Indonesia
the artist
His works are impregnated of deep understanding of the other inner worlds. They are full of possibility of the real interaction with any forms of life, what leads the human consciousness beyond human limits and opens the access to the richness of that, from what the humanity shielded itself.

Blanca Abajo Alda – Spain
the artist
It seems that means of expression, which she uses, do not to fit for sophistication, tenderness, gracefulness and femininity. But her works radiate precisely sophistication, tenderness, gracefulness and femininity. This is a living proof that by any means one can express anything.

Darryl F. Jones Jones – USA
the artist
Touching and tenderness of his works enchant, giving a serene joy. Such calm and quiet without emotional outbursts joy opens the consciousness for ideas, which were unable to come because of noise of attempts to find a solution to some problems by means of creating the other ones.

David D'Jesús Acosta – Venezuela
the artist
His creativity is an embodiment of comprehension of the inner world by means of perceiving the outer world. Virtually each one follows this way, but as a rule nobody notices this, thinking that they learn what is around them, though in fact they try to find out who are they and how and where from they came into the earthly world.

Eleonora Ternovsky – Russia
the photographer
Many things are changed in Sochi during last years, but despite this, her photos transmit the spirit of that resort city, which several generations of Russian people and guests from the other countries keep with warmness in their memory. Special tinges of the mood create her photos of mountain outskirts and the works in genre of abstraction.

Evgeniy Tsipulin – Russia
the artist
His works are an incarnation of concentration and purposefulness, that is, the directing and accumulating the energy
such way that increases the effectiveness of any process, allowing achieving more with the less spending
of strength and time.

Evgeniy Zaremba – Russia
the artist
His creativity is a sphere of nirvana. Each work is a key to one of the “secret vaults” of the inner world. In each of them, there are peculiar riches and riddles. Far not always the consciousness is able to unravel them and as soon as it stop to try, simply giving itself to their will, the riches of the “secret vaults” turn out to be at its disposal.

Evgeniy Zebek – Russia
the artist
His works are myths, embodied in visual images. They are not illustrations to myths; they are precisely the myths themselves, while the myths are the formulas of the system laws of the Universe. The nonverbal reflection of the myths possesses increased effectiveness, influencing the level of sensations that far more accurate than verbal thoughts of the consciousness.

Galina Anisimova – Russia
the artist
Her works are the oceans of warmness and kindness. Unfortunately, the stylistic peculiarities of the project allowed presenting only two of her works. Use the link in the inscription under her works to watch more of her wonderful

Gottfried Seigner – Austria
the artist
His works radiate the whole scale of human feelings and sensations – joy and sadness, fear and serenity, ecstasy, euphoria, passion, thrill, triumph. However, these feelings and sensations do not concern only reactions to the events of the outer world. In addition, this is bright reflections of the mysterious processes of the inner world.

Hananta Nur – Indonesia
the artist
His works are penetrated with the charm of chaos of the initial and ultimate will, which dwells in unthinkable depths of the inner world. It possesses such power and intensity that if its sparks flies into the consciousness, nothing can rule over it. And there is no necessity! If to give yourself to it, it transforms the now into infinity and makes everything possible.

Hans Degner – Denmark
the artist
His works are a grandiose interaction of very different phenomena and processes. They are different right up to contradiction and even to absolute incomparability. Nevertheless, their interaction is an embodiment of harmony, maybe a bit unusual, but harmony.

Hery Gaos – Indonesia
the artist
His creativity is a journey beyond the limits of the thin film of thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations into unfathomable depths of the inner world. Sometimes, you can encounter there images of the habitual outer world that obtain in this absolutely different reality absolutely different sense.

Joaquin Correa – Uruguay
the artist
There are only two of his works in the multimedia-book. The way of an artist just begins for him. In the very beginning, the support is necessary more than ever, but in the very beginning, to get it is difficult more than ever. Good luck and great success, dear Joaquin!

Kuniyoshi Yamada – Japan
the musician
He is a stunning drummer! The very idea to make musical epigraphs to chapters appeared owing to him. His improvisations lead into trance, extracting at the surface of the consciousness what never before exited from the depths of the inner world. This is greatest discoveries on the way of self-knowledge. Just give yourself to the will of rhythms in the epicenter of the magic of sounds.

Kushlani Jayasinha – USA
the artist
Her works are the answer to the question, “What is happiness?” As a category, HAPPINESS is a mood, a special condition of the inner world. A happy person can experience all scale of human emotions, but despite any emotions and events of the outer world, the happy person always stays happy.

Lilija Lazarske – Lithuania
the artist
Her creativity combines bright emotionality with detached meditation. This does not mean that some of her works bear the bright emotional charge, while the other ones are full of concentrated dreaminess. Each of her works possesses both conditions, which coexist in the unity of harmony.

Mai Erard – Indonesia
the artist
In her works, she incarnates a serious attitude towards how not to perceive this life seriously. Only having ceased to treat the life seriously, you become able to enjoy it and to do the best you can, leaving invaluable gift for the future generations and having got the invaluable treasure – the achievements on the way to the self perfection.

Mirmasood Mirjalally – Iran
the artist
His works are a sphere of intuition. Not so much intuition as it is, but as the very understanding of the essence of the intuition. The intuition is the infiltration into the consciousness information from the subconsciousness, and sometimes it maybe even information from the inner world itself.

Muriel Massin – France
the artist
Her works full of special vital powers. This is the powers from the very depth of the gist. This is the powers that are capable of everything. It is necessary just to manage to direct them optimally and in this case they fill with the aspiration the wishes, transforming them into aims and attracting good luck and success onto the way of progress.

Nina Rasina – Russia
the artist
She is a researcher of the mysterious sphere of symbols. In fact, all phenomena and processes are symbols.
What they symbolize, are also the symbols, symbolizing something. And this chain goes away into the depth of the

Oleg Berezutsky – Russia
the artist
His creativity incarnates the luxury of asceticism. The minimum of means expresses the infinite variety of tinges of the infinite variety of conditions of the inner world and various reactions at events of the outer world, enchanting with special harmony.

Oliver Loveday – USA
the artist
He is a creator of joy. The joy is an emotion that accompanies various moods and reactions to events of the outer world – the joy of love, the joy of creativity, the joy of the life itself. The power of joy is able to create miracles, filling anything with the true sense.

Peter Woko – Netherlands
the artist
His works are visual incarnations of laws and rules. Laws and rules are also energies. They are such energies that direct the other energies. Laws and rules are unshakable and inevitable. Any acts against them are fraught with consequences. However, far more often than it seems, we are able to choose laws and rules.

Setsuko Nomoto – Japan
the artist
Her works are full of special tinge of very subtle feelings and sensations, radiating from the depths of the inner world. These feelings and sensations are barely noticeable like a light fragrance, but they are not reactions to events of the outer world – they create events of the outer world.

Turgut Salgar – Turkey
the artist
His works are like photos from dreams, when a narrow zone of the consciousness, which like a guard keeps the watch, tries to create interpretations out of habitual images of the outer world to the information that infiltrated into it, and has nothing in common with this world.

Wolfgang Kahle – Germany
the artist
His works are an incarnation of the released freedom. This is not permissiveness! This is the absence of permissions and bans as they are. The released freedom is a special innermost condition, because in the inner world there is nobody who could permit or ban something.

Yon La Rotta – Colombia
the artist
In his creativity, he shows all existing in an original form of energies. Everything what surrounds us and everything what we are, all of these are energies that get various reflections in our perception. Discarding the outer forms of incarnations and peering into the gist, we get the true comprehension of phenomena and processes.

Yulia Makarova – Russia
the photographer
No matter if it is a narrow street, lost between villas and huts or a panorama of the city from the height of a bird's-eye view, a bonfire in the night or the vast Alpine meadows – all her photos bear something deeply personal, what summons a sensation of the touch to innermost.

Yulia Olhovaya – Russia
the artist
Her creativity is a flight of fantasy of what beyond human in the space of imagination of human consciousness. This is images quite associated with habitual earthly reality, but in interpretation of what situated far beyond its limits in the depths of the inner world.


The multimedia-book Az Thita Izhitsa also contains fragments of musical compositions by:

Aram Khachaturian, Christoph Willibald Gluck, Claude Debussy, Edison Denisov, Ennio Morricone, Franz Liszt, Frédéric Chopin, George Frideric Handel, Georges Bizet, Gioachino Rossini, Henry Mancini, Johann Sebastian Bach, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Joseph Haydn, Keith Jarrett, Ludwig van Beethoven, Maurice Ravel, Michel Legrand, Mikhail Glinka,Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Richard Wagner, Sergei Prokofiev, Vladimir Vysotsky, Blink 182, Chicago, Matia Bazar, Ne-Yo, Rob G Feat, Trio Mediaeval

and fragments of movies by:

Bridget Dobson and Jerome Dobson, Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath, Harold Ramis, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Ronny Yu, The Wachowski Brothers, Tom Tykwer.

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