Ekaterina Trubitsina

Az Thita Izhitsa

Az Thita Izhitsa

The fairy tale with elements of the reality for adults, wherein the main part of what a reader considers as the reality
is a fantasy, that is, invented characters and events,
while the main part of what looks to a reader like a fantasy is the true experience of the author. Read more

Book 1 (ch. 1-52)
The Stroll over the Suspension Bridge

Az Thita Izhitsa. Book 1. The Stroll over the Suspension Bridge

Part I (ch. 1-19)
The Goldish Light

Part II (ch. 20-32)
The Force of Pushing Apart

Part III (ch. 33-52)
The Point of a Choice

Book 2 (ch. 53-101)
Chaos within a Kaleidoscope

Az Thita Izhitsa. Book 2. Chaos within a Kaleidoscope

Part I (ch. 53-68)
The Monstrous Practical Joke

Part II (ch. 69-83)
Kryshen without Company

Part III (ch. 84-101)
Illusion and Reality

Book 3 (ch. 102-149)
The Island of Stray Dogs

Az Thita Izhitsa. Book 3. The Island of Stray Dogs

Part I (ch. 102-119)
The Keeper of Pure Art

Part II (ch. 120-136)
The Third Element

Part III (ch. 137-149)
Astonishing and Amazing

Book 4
in progress

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