Az Thita Izhitsa
Chapter 53. The Waking Dream
Chapter 54. Awakening
Chapter 55. Default Settings
Chapter 56. The Evening of Reminiscences
Chapter 57. The Communication System
Chapter 58. The Grandiose Project
Chapter 59. “At the Same Time”
Chapter 60. The Board of Directors
Chapter 61. Methods of Using Circumstances
Chapter 62. The Functions of Imagination
Chapter 63. The Technology of Splitting
Chapter 64. “Active Substances” and “Basis”
Chapter 65. The Exhausted Soul
Chapter 66. The Source of Influence
Chapter 67. Interactions
Chapter 68. The Mood
Enclosure. Slavic Alphabet

Ekaterina Trubitsina

Az Thita Izhitsa

Book 2

Chaos within a Kaleidoscope

Az Thita Izhitsa. Book 2. Chaos within a Kaleidoscope

Part I

The Monstrous Practical Joke

Chapter 53

The Waking Dream

Chapter 54. Awakening

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